Bios Min

Bios Min - Chelated Minerals with High bioavailability.
Unique covalent bonding for maximum stability.

Trace minerals provide the essential nutrients animals need for metabolic functions such as growth, development, immunity and reproduction. Even moderate deficiencies can adversely impact animal performance.

Trace Mineral Bioavailability:

Inorganic minerals may have extreme toxicity, unreliable solubility, variations and poor bioavailability. Animals cannot utilize traditional mineral compounds in their natural state. It is necessary to "chelate," or bind/attach, the minerals to organic compounds in order to improve its bioavailability.

Minerals are inorganic and cannot be absorbed completely without the added chelated compound. Chelation binds a protein molecule to the inorganic mineral.

The ruminal micro-organisms recognize the organic protein molecule and utilize the minerals effectively Single bond chelates generally break apart exposing the raw, ionized mineral when the mineral payload is cleaved from its carrier.

In this situation, these minerals become charged ions, and their absorbability is jeopardized. These charged free minerals are known to block the absorption of one another, or to combine with other dietary factors to form compounds that are unabsorbed.

BiosMin-8 Chelated Minerals are highly bioavailable due to unique Covalent bonding process which forms a strong double bond with the inorganic metal substrate and is stable even at low pH levels of 2-2.5

BiosMin-8 double bonds are highly stable as compared to singular bonds at various pH levels. The pH decrease from 6-7 to 2.5 in abomasum. Biosmin8 unique Covalent bonding (chelating process) guarantees pH stability of mineral molecules. Stability is maintained through the pH range encountered during the digestion process. Biosmin-8 assures maximum presence of an intact mineral chelate for absorption via the special dipeptide-like absorption process.

Biosmin-8 Major components:

      Highly Bio-available Chelate minerals such as

  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Selenium
  • Cobalt
  • Magnesium


High stability and Bio-availability of Bismin-8 ensures the following benefits.

In Poultry

  • Improvised production
  • Improved feed conversion ratio
  • Fulfills mineral requirement of bird
  • Faster growth, healthier flock
  • Prevents diseases

In Cattle

  • Improves conception rate
  • Improves fertility
  • Enhances the growth rate
  • Improves performance and reproductive efficiency
  • Improves hoof health
  • Increases milk production with lower somatic cell counts
  • Improves the fat percentage in milk
  • Overall good health of animal

In Aqua

  • Faster growth and better survival rate
  • Development of better Endo and Exo-skeletal system

In Pig

  • Improves sow productivity, growth rates and feed efficiency with reduced mortality.