BMB - Bios-Mill Bonds Low inclusion Pellet Binder



BMB is a pellet binder with superior adhesion and expansion properties. This product is designed as a high quality, all natural binder and lubricant for pellets, crumbles, cubes, range blocks etc.


BMB helps reduce breakage and aids in the mechanical processing of finished feed products for Cattle, Aquaculture, Poultry, Pig and companion animal feeds.


With BMB, you no longer have to use unpalatable and hard to handle chemical binders—which are sold as by-products to the feed and food industries. You have a innovative better solution which has been tested and proven successful.... BMB (Bios Mill Bonds)


High Quality


BMB is all-natural, high quality consistent and functional binder. BMB ensures that the pellet quality is maintained, at the production stage and during transport and storage.


All Natural


BMB has no added chemicals— producing a safe palatable binder for all animals, poultry, pigs and aquaculture.


Very Palatable


BMB is the most palatable and acceptable binder for all animals as compared with many of the lignin based binders that contain chemicals that are bitter and highly unpalatable to many animals.


Low Inclusion Rates and Flexible


BMB is a low inclusion binder typically added to the ration at 1.5 kg per ton. BMB offers the nutritionist the opportunity to optimize the feed formulation by releasing space for lower cost raw materials of nutritional value. These low levels reduce ration costs and allow more flexibility in ration formulation. This also minimizes ration energy and nutrient dilution to the animal.


Safe, Free Flowing, and Easy to Handle


Why expose your mill employees to dusty and hard to handle pellet binder when there are new improved options? BMB is safe, flows, and handles easily—without any offensive odors as associated with many other binders.




  • Safe and All-Natural
  • Value-Added Product
  • Free Flowing BMB (Bios Mill Bonds) is the Perfect Solution
  • High Product Quality
  • Provides Nutrition


Bios cares for health and wellbeing of Farm and Productive animals, BMB is committed to providing technical and nutritional services as well as helping our customers manufacture high quality and safe finished products.


BMB contains high quality binding minerals with natural viscosity enhancers.


BMB Application rate:


1.5 kgs to 3 kgs / Tonne of feed

Due to regional variations like ingredients, grit sizes, steam, temperature and production practices tests should be undertaken to obtain optimized dosage levels of BMB