Biosoftt Teat Dip and Spray

Biosoftt teat Dip and spray is a non-irritant

highly safe new generation outstanding Bactericide, Virucide and Fungicide hygiene for cattle and dairy operations. Suitable for pre and post milking teat dipping and spraying giving the cow sustained protection between milkings.

Cow teat hygiene

Dipping or spraying the teats immediately after milking has been practiced for many years.

The aim of post-milking dipping is to remove any contagious mastitis-causing pathogens that may have been deposited on the teat surface - including any present just inside the opened teat canal - that are transferred during milking from infected milk residues from inside the liner and clawpiece, before they have chance to colonise and infect the teat.

Cow teats are hygiene with Biosoftt (Teat Dip and Spray) solution, after each milking, or once a day for non-lactating cows. Hygiene with either a pure Biosoftt solution in water or with a Biosoftt based formulation. Biosoftt also kill bacteria present on any sores on the teats, promoting quicker healing.

For the best possible effect, it is important to dip or spray immediately after cluster unit removal, before the teat canal sphincter begins to close and before any bacteria have the opportunity to colonise and multiply.

In order to improve the overall result and minimize contamination risk, milking equipment is also hygiene with Biosoftt and the farmer should hygiene hands while handling cow by dipping them into a 1% Biosoftt solution.

Prevention and Control of Mastitis with Biosoftt

The procedure is:

  • Wash teats and dry
  • Pre-dip Spray with Biosoftt for 30 seconds to kill bacteria on the teats.
  • Dry teats.
  • Discard first milk which is highest in bacterial count.
  • Check and record abnormal milk.
  • Apply milking units/ Hand milking washed with Biosoftt
  • Remove units at completion of milking