Bios Farm Cleane

Bios Farm Cleaner


Bios Farm Cleaner is completely non-irritating to skin (clinical study). The product is also non irritating to eyes (OECD 4051) and biologically quickly and easily degradable (OECD 301). It is very effective to remove even old, dry dirt in animal houses etc. It is easy and safe to use.


  • Suitable for washing of walls, floors, machines and equipment etc.
  • Especially good in removing dirt like animal manure and droppings.
  • May be used with traditional wash with brush and water or with the high-pressure wash.

Instruction Of Use

  • Mix Bios Farm Cleaner with clean water or via high pressure washer's dosing system following instructions. Wet the washable surface beforehand thoroughly and spread the washing agent thoroughly everywhere. Let the product affect from 10 to 15 minutes depending on the application and the degree of the dirt.
  • Flush the surface with a high pressure washer. The washing results are better with brushing or with a higher temperature water, for example + 30°C. Flush the washed surface well, especially when cationic hygiene will be spread after the wash. The product can also be used in multipurpose cleaning machine.


  • Anionic tensides < 5 %
  • Nonionic tensides 5 - 15 %
  • Amphotric tensides < 5 %
  • Defoamer & preservative +
  • Final Solution pH: 5