The organic way - fast efficient nutrient delivery


Trace minerals are very reactive and are subject to interactions including mineral to mineral and mineral complex with other feed substances. These reduce bioavailability of minerals. To add to this problem, minerals are subjected to restricted receptor mediated transport and also have limited organ or tissue transport. Therefore, they take longer time to reach tissues. Bioavailability of the minerals also vary between different sources of the same mineral, the salt form in which it is supplied, presence of other minerals, the process of extraction or production of minerals, etc.,

ORGANOMIN is the fastest and most efficient way of delivering trace minerals essential for maximizing production,  minimizing stress and  improving egg quality. Yeast fermented organic mineral proteinate complex gives trace minerals a green channel for absorption, and are not limited by inter-mineral interactions and are absorbed preferentially where otherwise they would have had restrictions. Thus trace minerals reach their target tissue faster.

ORGANOMIN is transported throughout the body efficiently and hence can reach target tissues like uterus, isthumus,  bones, blood, feathers and even the brain in higher concentrations & faster as well.  Mineral retention in tissues are higher with ORGANOMIN.

ORGANOMIN is produced by fermentation of yeast with minerals. During fermentation, yeast peptides complex with minerals to form organic mineral proteinates. This mineral peptide complex is absorbed intact by peptide or aminoacid uptake pathways rather than the gated metal ion uptake mechanism.

Benefits :

  • Optimises mineral absorption, utilization and retention.
  • Increases breeding performance.
  • Maintains good quality egg shell and membranes.
  • Activates immune system and result in greater resistance to disease.
  • Supports and maintains cells, and helps development of bones & feathers

Composition :

  • Zinc proteinate
  • Iron proteinate
  • Copper proteinate
  • Selenium proteinate
  • Manganese proteinate
  • Chromium proteinate
  • Iodine

Presentation :
10kg & 25kg Poly laminated paper bags