(Organic Selenium + Natural Vitamin-E + Organic copper)


The role of Selenium and Vitamin-E

Increasing the selenium content of the hen’s ration significantly improves the selenium status and the glutathione peroxidase activity of the chick.  At hatching, the chick is suddenly exposed to higher concentrations of oxygen. Oxygen  reacts with lipids in the chicks to form toxic peroxides. Antioxidants such as Vitamin-E, can slow the formation of peroxides. 

The role of Copper

Copper is vital in the body as a component or cofactor in enzyme systems involved in metabolism, and immune function. It is involved in both cell-mediated immunity (helping to eliminate invading bacteria) and humoral immunity (helping to produce antibodies). These and other functions make copper even more essential where antibiotics are either limited or banned.   Copper can contribute to intestinal health in two ways. As an antimicrobial agent, copper can prevent disturbances in the balance of microflora. It can also help the gut respond to infections; injury and inflammation. Copper is involved in protecting cells from free radical damage as a component of superoxide dismutase and copper enhances iron transport. 

The supplementation effect of SELENOSAC-EC
on production and immunity of layers


  • Better metabolizable energy utilization.
  • Better protein utilization.
  • Significant increase in ND and IBD titers.
  • Increased yolk colour.
  • Enhanced egg weight.
  • Improved shell protein matrix and egg shell calcification.
  • Higher net return on investment.

Constituents :
Organic selenium, Organic copper and Natural Vitamin-E. 

Presentation :
1kg poly-container.
Bulk packing available on request.