NILTOX is a specially formulated feed supplement to defend against mycotoxins in feed


A unique three way strategy of NILTOX not only binds toxins, but also detoxifies mycotoxins like Zearalenone and Trichothecenes through the enzymatic action of Epoxidase and Esterase enzymes present.

Diatomaceous earth (Diatoms are unicellular organisms) in NILTOX effectively adsorbs bipolar toxins and develops a  protective coating in the digestive tract.

By this action, NILTOX increases intestinal resistance against intestinal parasites such as coccidia.

More importantly, it does not bind nutrients.

Curcuminoids, a natural antioxidant present in NILTOX prevents mycotoxin induced DNA adduct formation, DNA strand breaks and also prevent biotransformation of toxins to harmful compounds. By these actions it fights mycotoxin induced decline in production and immunity and makes the bird better productive and resistant against diseases.

Enzymes in NILTOX, on the other hand, inactivate epoxy and ester compounds of tricothecenes and zearalenone respectively and are thus effective against even nonpolar mycotoxins.


  • Curcumin
  • Enzymes
  • Diatomaceous earth

25kg Poly laminated paper bags.