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Chromium yeast supplement to improve metabolic functions and to combat stress in animals


CHROMISAC is designed to improve metabolic functions in poultry and other animals.  Being a Yeast-chromium complex, CHROMISAC is more bioavailable than inorganic chromium and chromium chelates.

Experiments have proved that CHROMISAC improves metabolizable energy value, dry matter metabolizability and organic matter metabolizability of the feed.

CHROMISAC helps to improve intake, absorption and retention of Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese and other micronutrients, thereby enhances maximum utilization of minerals by the animals.


  • Enhances productivity in Broilers, Commercial Layers & Breeder Hens.
  • Prevents stress.
  • Improves feed conversion.
  • Improves intake & absorption of minerals
  • Increases weight gain in broilers.

CHROMISAC provides 3000ppm of Chromium.

10kg & 25kg Poly laminated paper bags.