Organic acids-spice extracts gut regulator feed supplement for Animals

NOVACID is a non antibiotic gut regulator for Poultry.

The main action of the acids present in NOVACID is to regulate pH in the gut to prevent pothogen proliferation. These acids also destroy certain pathogens by fusion & lysis.

The spice extracts, on the other hand, stimulate pancreatic liver and gastric secretion, regulate gut microflora, destroy pathogens, protect gut epithelium and enhances microvilli structure.

The Glucamannan Oligosaccharides preset in NOVACID stimulate immunity, adsorb mycotoxins and prevent pathogenic proliferation.

NOVACID with its unique properties should be considered as a product superior to organic acids formulations.

Benefits :
Organic acids

  •     Destroys pathogens by both fusion and lysis
  •     Regulates the gut pH & prevents pathogenic proliferation
  •     Improves the digestibility of certain feed components
  •     Enhances activity of certain enzymes

Glucamannan oligosaccharides

  •     Adsorbs mycotoxins
  •     Prevents colonization of pathogens
  •     Enhances immunity

Spice extracts

  •     Destroys pathogens
  •     Regulates gut microflora
  •     Stimulates secretion of pancreatic and liver juices
  •     Enhances gastric secretions
  •     Stimulates Digestion
  •     Prevents the epithelium from gut pathogens
  •     Enhances microvilli structure in the intestine

Propionic acid, Fumeric acid, Lactic acid, Glucamannan oligosaccharides & Spice extracts.

Presentation :
10kg & 25kg Poly laminated paper bags.